(Hackett, Mary Addison)


b. Atlanta, Georgia

Lives and works in Joshua Tree, California


MFA, Studio Art/Video, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

BFA, Painting, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN



SRLBX Videoart Annual (screening), Serial Box Projects, Columbia, MO

(Dec 1- 2, 2017)


The Repair Project (performance and installation), Seed Space, Nashville, TN

(May 7 - June 6, 2016)

A Tin of Egyptian Cigarettes, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

(Jan 7 - Feb 6, 2016)


Crazy Eyes, David Lusk Gallery, Nashville, TN

(Oct 11 - Nov 8, 2014)

Anywhere But Here (online project), ShoeboxLA

(June, 2014)


Le Rayon Vert, Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville, TN

(Sept 9 - Oct 17, 2013)

Shell Game, Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN

(Aug 24 - Sept 28, 2013)


Mary Addison Hackett, Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN

(May 1 - July 1, 2012)

Paintings, John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

(May 24 - June 17, 2012)


Acts of Moral Turpentine, Track 13 Gallery, Cummins Station, Nashville, TN

(Nov 5 - Dec 4, 2011)

Flying Solo Exhibition Series, Nashville Int’l Airport, Nashville, TN

(Mar 15 - Sept 8, 2011)


Fluid: Elusive Chapters from the Passage of Time, Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

(Sept 25 - Oct 31, 2010)


I forget now what all this is about…, Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

(May 3 - June 7, 2008)


Tornado Face Drawings, TAG Art Gallery, Nashville, TN


Scramble: A Series of Unruly Drawings and Paintings, McNish Gallery, Oxnard College, Oxnard, CA

(June 27 - July 29, 2005)


Klusje Van Niks, Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, Netherlands

(July, 2004)


New Roles for Spare Parts, Gallery 825 Annex at Patricia Correia Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

(July 19 - Aug 23, 2003)


Series 100 + Spare Parts, Zone 9 Art Flatfile Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

(Nov 3 - Nov 30, 2002)

What’s Really Going On? curated by Habib Kheradyar, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA


Fresh: Dartboard Maintenance, (closed-circuit video performance), N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, IL

(May, 1994)


2019 Summertime Sadness, curated by Katie Grip, Tessie Salcido Whitmore, PØST Kamikaze, (Jul 26, 2019)

2019 With Feeling, curated by Christina Renfer Vogel, Ground Floor Contemporary, Birmingham, AL (Jul 11-28, 2019)

2019 Extremely Shorts Film Festival, Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX (May 17-18, 2019)

2019 Vitrine, Plexus Projects, Brooklyn, NY (April 19, 2019)

2019 The Joshua Treenial, Paradise:Parallax, curators: Bernard Leibov/KJ Baysa, BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, CA (Apr 12-14, 2019)

2019 Dreamhouse vs. Punk House! curators: Kristin Calabrese, Joshua Aster, Serious Topics, Los Angeles, CA (Mar 23- Sept 29, 2019)

2019 Dance on Film Series, Camelot Theatres, Palm Springs Cultural Center, Palm Springs, CA (Mar 10, 2019)

2019 When the Dust Settles, curated by Emily Silver & Stephanie Digregorio, Unpaved Gallery, Yucca Valley, CA (Jan 19- Mar 1, 2019)

2018 Seer, organized by Adriene Jenik and Mary Evans, The Beatnik, Joshua Tree, CA (Oct 13 - Nov 9, 2018)

2018 Con - Testi, Opere e Dialoghi, ROMA - LOS ANGELES, curated by John O’Brien, Galleria Sinopia, Roma, Italia (May 3 - June 15, 2018)

2018 Temporal and Corporeal: A Broad Scope of Performance Art, Ohio University Art Gallery, Athens, OH (Jan 23 - Mar 3, 2018)

2017 Collections, Elephant Gallery, Nashville, TN (May - June 2017)

2017 Various Positions, Coop Gallery, Nashville, TN (Jan 7 - Jan 31, 2017)

2016 Encore, co-curated by Sam Yates and Eric Cagley, Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (July 15 - Aug 28, 2016)

2016 Absolutely Incredible, Apothecary, Chattanooga, TN (Mar - April 2016)

2016 Gallery Tally, with Micol Hebron, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood, CA (May - June, 2016)

2015 Gallery Tally, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Dec 10 - Jan 10, 2015)

2015 Gallery Tally, Matucana 100 Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile (Nov 3 - Dec 1, 2015)

2015 Community Slide Show: Lost Art, curated by Vesna Pavlović, Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville, TN (Sept 5 - Oct 31, 2015)

2015 Art in America, curated by Julie Torres, Tiger Strikes Asteroid at the Satellite Show, Miami, FL (Dec 1 - 6, 2015)

2015 SPE Caucus Exhibition, Ogden Museum, New Orleans, LA (Mar 12 - April 5, 2015)

-------------Traveled to: University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (May 13 - May 28, 2015)

2015 Gallery Tally Poster Project, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL (May 27 –June 25, 2015)

2015 XX Redux: Revisiting a Feminist Collective, Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA (Feb 2 Mar 14)

2015 Right Before My Eyes, Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN (Jan 8 - Mar 6, 2015)

2014 Monuments, Hotel Soap & Linear Progressions, Brownlee O. Currey Gallery, Watkins, Nashville, TN (Sept 4 - 26, 2014)

2014 Downtown Art Fair with David Lusk Gallery, New York, NY (May 8 - 11, 2014)

2014 Opening, David Lusk Gallery, Nashville, TN (Mar 1- 29, 2014)

2013 Influx: Art at LAX, Levitational, curated by John O’Brien, LAX, Los Angeles, CA (June 28 - Dec 31, 2013)

2013 Mas Attack, L.A. MART, curated by Max Presneill & Artra Curatorial, Los Angeles, CA (Jan 26, 2013)

2013 Still Lifes, Landscapes, and Posers (curatorial), threesquared, Nashville, TN (Feb, 2013)

2012 10 Years L.A. @ Foundation Kaus Australis, curated by Carl Berg, The Prospectus, West Hollywood, CA (Jan 26 - Mar 2, 2012)

2012 About Face, curated by Daniel Weinberg, ACME., Los Angeles, CA (Nov 17 - Dec 22, 2012)

2012 To Live and Paint in LA, co-curated by Max Presneill, Jason Ramos, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA (Jan 21 - Mar 10, 2012)

2012 Hot Paint, co-curated by Jay Erker & John Mills, Weekend, Los Angeles, CA (June 1 - July 1, 2012)

2012 Line up Round 4, From the Gut with Heart, curated by Gwendolyn Skaggs, SUGAR, Brooklyn, NY (April 21 - June 24, 2012)

2011 Asynchronous Salon, curated by Carla Knopp, Marsh Gallery, Herron School of Art & Design, Indianapolis, IN (Aug 3 - Aug 26, 2011)

2011 Everything’s Coming Up Roses, co-curated by Luisa Caldwell/ML McCorkel, WG News + Art, Brooklyn, NY (May 6 - May 28, 2011)

2010 Rebus Reconstructuring, curated by John O’Brien, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA (Feb 20 - Mar 25, 2010)

2010 Devise and Evolve, Brand Library and Art Center, Glendale, CA (May - June, 2010 )

2009 Rebus, curated by John O’Brien, Amelia Museum of Archeology, Umbria, Italy (August 2009)

2009 Objct: of My Confection, curated by Veronica Fernandez, Objct Gallery, Pomona, CA

2009 Here and Now, Artra Curatorial at T-Lofts, Los Angeles, CA (Nov 14 -15, 2009)

2008 Pleased to Meet You, TAG Gallery, Nashville, TN (June 7 - 28, 2008)

2008 The Affordable Art Fair, with TAG Gallery, New York, NY (June 12 - 15, 2008)

2008 More Than a Feeling, curated by Chris Acuna-Hanson, Rio Hondo College Art Gallery, Whittier, CA (Oct 20 - Nov 26, 2008)

2008 Incognito, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

2007 3-Person Show, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA (July 25-Aug 19, 2007)

2007 F*CK YOU/Commentary, Criticism, curated by Ann Gordon, Yacht Club Gallery, Detroit, MI (June 2007)

2007 Art in the Embassy Program, U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, Uruguay (Aug 2007-2008)

2006 Scapes- Environments Interpreted, curated by Matt May, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA (Sept - Oct, 2006)

2006 Consumerism & Product, curated by Leora Lutz, Gallery Revisited, Los Angeles, CA (July 13 - Aug 19, 2006)

2006 Off the Wall, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA

2006 Grand, TAG Art Gallery, Nashville, TN

2005 12th Annual New York Underground Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY (Mar 9 - 15, 2005)

2005 In the Abstract, curated by Carl Berg, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA (Feb 26 - Mar 25, 2005)

2005 Eponymous, curated by Lain York, Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville, TN

2004 Made In California, curated by James Elaine, City of Brea Gallery, Brea, CA (Jan 16 - Mar 7, 2004)

2003 Painting’s Edge, curated by Roland Reiss, Idyllwild Park Exhibition Center, Idyllwild, CA

2003 Out of the Digital Domain, curated by Carl Berg, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA

2003 Peter Frank Selects, Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2002 What’s Really Going On? curated by Habib Kheradyar, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA (June 12 - June 28, 2002)

2001 Southern California Open, curated by Christopher Miles, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA

1999 Suite: A Hotel Room Show, Chicago, IL (May 1999)

1999 Aurora Picture Show, curated by Andrea Grover, Houston, TX

1998 Eye-for-an-I Cinema, curated by Brock MacDaniel, Boulder, CO

1998 Independent Exposure’s All-Erotic Shorts Program, curated by Blackchair Productions, Seattle, WA

Traveled to:

The Can at Club 7 Studios, Tacoma, WA

Artists’ Television Access Gallery, San Francisco, CA

The Mansion Theater, Baltimore, MD

1998 Euro Underground Film Festival, The Erotic Show, Kino Mikro & Theatre Lazina, Krakow, Poland

1998 The Independent Prague Film Festival, The Erotic Show, Prague, Czech Republic.

Traveled to- Berlin, Germany; House of Cinema, Sofia, Bulgaria

1998 The Sync Online Film Festival

1997 Independent Exposure, The Eye and Ear Clinic, SAIC, Chicago, IL

1997 Women’s History Month Exhibit, curated by Eileen Broido, Gahlberg Gallery Arts Center, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL (Mar)

1996 Nomad Video Festival

Traveled to:

911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, WA

Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, CA

Max Grover Studio, Port Townsend, WA

1996 Moving Images: Youth on Urban Life, DePaul University Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

1996 Group/Home, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

1996 The Fourth Floor, 118 North Peoria, Chicago, IL

1995 Radius, organized by Feigen and Space Galleries w/Art Chicago, Chicago, IL (May 6 - 20, 1995)

1995 Songs About My Mother, Gallery 400, Chicago, IL

1993 Fluxus Vivus (performance with Fluxus artists), Three Arts Club, Chicago, IL (Nov. 4-Dec. 4, 1993)


Honorable Mention, LAUFF, Los Angeles, CA, 2019 (Anonymous was a Vlog: Lost

Audience Choice Award, Extremely Shorts Film Festival, Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX 2019 (Anonymous was a Vlog: Lost)

BAVC Preservation Access Program, Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco, CA, 2018

Residency Fellow, The Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, GA, 2016

Professional Development Support Grant, Tennessee Arts Commission, 2015

Professional Development Grant, Watkins College of Art & Design, 2013

Professional Development Grant, Watkins College of Art & Design, 2012

One-year Artist-in-Residence, Cummins Station Community Arts Program, Nashville, TN, 2011

Art in The Embassies Program, U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2007

Project Grant, The Ruth Chenven Foundation, 2006

Two-month Residency, Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2004

Two-week Residency, Painting’s Edge, Idyllwild Arts, Idyllwild, CA, 2003

Artist-in-Residence, The Arts Center At Little City Foundation, Palatine, IL, 1996

CAAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, 1995

Artist-in-Residence, The Media Arts Center at Little City Foundation, Palatine, IL, 1995

Video Artist-in-Residence, Centro San Bonifacio, Chicago, IL, 1994

Teaching Assistantship (Video I, II; Drawing I), University of Illinois at Chicago, 1994

Workshop Grant , P.O.V. Television & The American Documentary Inc., St. Paul, MN, 1994

CAAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, 1992

OxBow, Artist Residency and Staff Fellowship, Saugatuck, MI, 1984, 1986

Knoxville Watercolor Society Award, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, 1983

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, 1983


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