Multifaceted at Tufenkian Fine Arts, curated by John David O’Brien and Caroline Tufenkian, Glendale, CA (October 16, 2021 – November 20, 2021)
American Sampler at Asher Grey Gallery. Dec 1-Dec 31, 2020
Summertime Sadness PØST Kamikaze at MiM Gallery, Los Angeles CA (Jul 26, 2019)Curated by Katie Grip and Tessie Salcido WhitmoreAndy Brown / Amanda Joy Calobrisi / Adrian Culverson / Clifford Eberly / Katie GripMary Addison Hackett / Aubrey Ignmar MansonAshley Lothyan / Alicia McDaid (mcdazzler)Lydia Maria Pferrer / Dominic QuagliozzoTessier Salcido Whitmore

Honorable Mention, LAUFF, Los Angeles, CA. (Anonymous was a Vlog: Lost), LAUFF, 2019 
With Feeling. Ground Floor Contemporary, Birmingham, AL (Jul 11-28, 2019). Curated by Christina Renfer Vogel. Avital Burg, Mary Addison Hackett, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Polly Shindler & Kelly S. Williams
Extremely Shorts Film Festival.  Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX (May 17-18, 2019)
Vitrine at Plexus Projects. Brooklyn, NY (April 19, 2019)
Paradise:Parallax, The Joshua Treenial at BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, CA (Apr 12-14, 2019)
Short films by Cristopher Cichocki, Jeff Frost and Mary Addison Hackett. Joshua Treenial, BoxoHOUSE, 8:30-9:30PM (April 12, 2019)
Dreamhouse vs. Punk House! at Serious Topics, Los Angeles, CA (Mar 23- Sept 29, 2019)
When the Dust Settles. Unpaved Gallery, Yucca Valley, CA (Jan 19- Mar 1, 2019)
Subsidized grant recipient: BAVC Preservation Access Program 2018
CON - TESTI May-June 2018. Con - Testi, Opere e Dialoghi, ROMA - LOS ANGELES, Galleria Sinopia, Roma, Italia (May 3 - June 15)
Artist Talk at Cap Rock, Joshua Tree National Park. 9 AM Sunday March 4, 2018
Temporal and Corporeal: A Broad Scope of Performance Art. Ohio University Art Gallery, Athens, OH (Jan 23 - Mar 3, 2018)
Focus Check at Serial Box Projects

SRLBX Videoart Annual, Serial Box Projects, Columbia, MO (DEC 1- 2, 2017)

The Getty Research Institute Acquisition. My Mother's Pants. Single-Channel Video. 0:58 seconds. Color. Sound. 1995. The Getty Research Institute has announced the acquisition of the Joanie 4 Jackie archive, a feminist filmmaking project created by Miranda July and previously archived at Bard College. 

 Coop Gallery, Nashville, TN (Jan 7 - Jan 31, 2017)

 Michael Dickins, Mary Addison Hackett, and KJ Schumacher.  



Podcast interview with Greg Swiger at Final Friday.

Podcast interview with Greg Swiger over at Final Friday.
"Mary Addison Hackett is a Nashville-based artist who works with video and painting, but also social practice and documentary.  We had a great conversation about her practice, chair collection, and more."

REVIEW: Seed Space examines art of mending

Review by Sara Estes for The Tennessean

REVIEW: Mary Addison Hackett at Seed Space, Nashville

Review by Erica Ciccarone for Burnaway

SOLO Show: The Repair Project (And Other Affairs of Just Plain Living) at SEED SPACE

May 7-June 6
The Repair Project (And Other Affairs of Just Plain Living)
1201 4th Avenue South
Nashville TN 37210 

RESIDENCY: Hambidge Creative Residency Fellow

March 29-April 17, 2016
I recently returned from a three-week residency fellowship at Hambidge where I had the gift of time and space to continue editing a documentary short, and produce a suite of new videos works and paintings. 

REVIEW: In “A Tin of Egyptian Cigarettes” Mary Addison Hackett’s joy is inherent by Matthew Terrell
REVIEW: Mary Addison Hackett at Marcia Wood Midtown by Jordan Amirkhani
REVIEW: AJC review by Felicia Feaster.

Review of solo, "A Tin of Egyptian Cigarettes" at Marcia Wood Gallery.

SOLO Show at Marcia Wood Gallery

January 7 - February 6, 2016 
Mary Addison Hackett
A Tin of Egyptian Cigarettes  
Opening reception: Thursday Jan 7, 7 - 9
Marcia Wood Gallery
1037 Monroe Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306


Tiger Strikes Asteroid at the Satellite Show, Miami, FL (Dec 1 - 6, 2015)

Curated by Julie Torres
ART IN AMERICA assembles a constellation of artwork from across the US featuring one small work per artist, representing every state + Puerto Rico. This installation acts as a literal map of activity, documenting the current conversation of and about art-making taking place across the country.

PRESS: "Best of Nashville," writers' choice for Best Solo Show," Nashville Scene, 2015

Best Solo Exhibit 
Mary Addison Hackett’s Crazy Eyes at David Lusk Gallery
Writers' Choice

PARTICIPATION:Community Slide Show in conjunction with Vesna Pavlović's Lost Art

Community Slide Show
in conjunction with Vesna Pavlović's Lost Art, I presented a selection of vintage slides depicting floral arrangements and table settings from the 1940's through 1960's. 

On Saturday, October 10, Zeitgeist Gallery invites members of the community to bring, project, and share their personal collections of slide photography in the gallery.  

Featuring artists: Michael Aurbach, Susan De May, Mary Addison Hackett, Jana Harper, Kelli Hix, Robin Paris, Marilyn Murphy, Betsey Robinson, John Warren, and Emily Happell Williams, PSU Film & Video.

micro-SCREENING: Studio Visit micro-doc hosted at The Nashville Scene

Fall 2015

The Nashville Scene has been hosting some of the recent micro-docs.

The Studio Visit short films are a series of micro-documentaries that focus on conversations I have with contemporary artists and cultural spaces in the South and beyond. They are an extension of my studio practice and came about as I began questioning my own work, and the ever-shifting role of artists in society.


PUBLICATION: New American Paintings no. 118

Summer 2015. New American Paintings. 

Tennessee Arts Commission Grant Recipient

2015 PDS Grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission. 

Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA 

SPE Caucus Exhibition (Mar 12 - April 5, 2015)

Traveled to: University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (May 13 - May 28, 2015)

Juried by Deborah Willis & Carol McCusker, Society of Photographic Education Conference, 

PUBLICATION: The New Photo Books Are Here:

Digest-sized photo books. Check back for updates. 


REVIEW: Joe Nolan review of "Crazy Eyes" for Burnaway

Paint, Process & Poetry: Mary Addison Hackett at David Lusk in Nashville

REVIEW: by MiChelle Jones for The Tennessean

"Crazy Eyes" Exhibit explores Hackett's vision

SOLO: "Crazy Eyes"

David Lusk Gallery, Nashville, TN (Oct 11 - Nov 8, 2014)



Watkins College of Art, Design & Film presents “Monuments, Hotel Soap and Linear Progressions,” a multiple media exhibition featuring recent work by faculty artists Mary Addison Hackett, Ariel Lavery, Robin Paris and Tom Williams, from September 4–26 in the Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Gallery on campus.
The exhibition’s opening reception, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 4, is free and open to the public.

Anywhere But Here

Where is the “here” than which it would be preferable to be anywhere but?

ShoeboxLA project presenting artists' ideas of place. June 2014

PRESS: Nashville Arts Magazine feature article

Reconsiderations: Through Painting, Mary Addison Hackett Rediscovers the True Language of Things
by Megan Kelley


Jim Ridley, The Nashville Scene. Go Green with Mary Addison Hackett's Le Rayon Vert.
Joe Nolan, Arts Nash. Le Rayon Vert is Mysterious and Masterly.
Laura Hutson, Nashville Scene's Arts & Culture Blog, Country Life. Installation View: Mary Addison Hackett at Belmont's Leu Gallery

SOLO: Le Rayon Vert 

Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville, TN (Sept 9 - Oct 17, 2013)

September 9- October 17th, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday Sept 12, 5-7pm

Artist Talk : Thursday Sept 12 at 5:30 pm

SOLO: Shell Game

Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN (Aug 24 - Sept 28, 2013)

Influx: Art at LAX, Levitational 

LAX, Los Angeles, CA (June 28 - Dec 31, 2013)

20 watercolors titled, "Levitating Sticks and Rocks" are part of a public arts project in Los Angeles curated by John O'Brien.
The guiding concept for Levitational is to exhibit art works in which gravity is clearly defied, either in practice or in appearance. Defying gravity has long been linked to magic and states of wonder. It has also been integral to the success of art forms in which the magnetic forces that draw everything down to the planet are momentarily suspended whether in reality or in the mind's eye. It is coincidentally also how take off and flight are achieved. Taking advantage of this overlap is at the core of this proposal for LAX.
The artists selected for inclusion in this exhibition, Wendy Adest, Kimber Berry, Daniel Brodo, Margaret Griffith, Mary Addison Hackett, Rebecca Ripple, Steve Roden and Joseph Santarromana/Erika Suderburg, work with a mixture of drawings, paintings, mixed media works, video and sculpture to address the condition of seeming weightless-ness or how gravity is defied. The artists in this exhibition have themselves been interested over time in the mysteriousness and history of levitational forces. They present work of theirs in which levitational forces play an important role in the viewer's experience of the art.

The intent is also to reference and key into the state of dreams and daydreams in which the laws of physics are often suspended momentarily. It is also an invitation to the passerby to ponder for a moment the power (of the imagination) that allows us to conquer gravity through flight.

-John David O'Brien

PRESS: Music City Center Art Collection

Mary Addison Hackett, Mystic Hovercraft

"As a painter, Hackett is a poet. In a sense, her painting shows the collection's true scope because it does not conjure Nashville. It captures the viewer's gaze not because it depicts something local, but because the artist commands her use of color, space, the movement of lines, the expression of the composition. If this happens to be connected to a Southern landscape, then so be it; it could just as well be the Alpine foothills in 1910. This work may be inspired by a sense of place, but it is not distinctly about it. It exists on its own as the work of a painter who knows how to transfer her experience to the canvas without being too explicit."- Veronica Kavass, Nashville Scene. 16. May 2013

CURATORIAL: "Still Lifes, Landscapes, and Posers"

Feb 23, 2013, 6-9 PM
"Still Lifes, Landscapes, and Posers"
threesquared, Nashville, TN

I've curated a show bringing together the work of Cole Case (Los Angeles), Carla Knopp (Indianapolis, IN), Steven LaRose (Talent, OR), Nomi Lubin (New Haven, CT), Gregory Martin (Starkville, MS), and myself. 
Link to press release



@ the LA Mart, Downtown L.A.
Saturday, January 26th, 2013, 6-11pm

INTERVIEW: Studio Critical, December 2012

New interview with Valerie Brennan at Studio Critical

"About Face" curated by Daniel Weinberg at ACME. December 2012

6150 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048
November 17- December 22, 2012
Reception: Saturday, December 1, 6-8PM

ACME. is pleased to announce "About Face," a group exhibition of small works on paper and paintings by over thirty-five artists curated by Los Angeles art dealer Daniel Weinberg. Approximately fifty pieces will be shown throughout ACME.'s three gallery spaces. 

The exhibition showcases eccentric, small-scale portraiture that distort classic presentations of the human face and/or figure. As a group show with roots in Surrealism and German Expressionism, the exhibition reflects the influences of individual artists such as Lucas Samaras' Polaroids and Alice Neel portraits. The effects of the current Digital Age are also expressed in several works. 

Artists include
Richard Artschwager
Lutz Braun
Cris Brodahl
Kristin Calabrese
Brian Calvin
Anh Duong
André Ethier
Asad Faulwell
Steve Gianakos
Alexander Gorlizki
Scott Grodesky
Mary Addison Hackett,
EJ Hauser
Kati Heck
Jonathan Herder
Becky Kolsrud
Robert Lostutter
Ashley Macomber
Josh Mannis
Eddie Martinez
David McGee
Damien Meade
John Mills
Malcolm Morley
Ryan Mrozowski
Loren Munk
Jim Nutt
Robyn O'Neil
Ed Paschke
Joshua Petker
Jerry Phillips
Stephanie Pryor
Helen Rae
Tom Sanford
Amy Sarkisian
Allison Schulnik
James Siena 
Neal Tait
Michael Tetherow
Sandra Vásquez de la Horra
John Wesley
Karl Wirsum
Tad Lauritzen Wright

Exhibition will be presented at ACME.6150 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Closing RECEPTION at Weekend, July 2012

July 1, 2012 4-6pm
Closing Reception for Hot Paint! A group exhibition featuring

Heather Brown
Amy Feldman
Mary Addison Hackett
Emily Noelle Lambert
Molly Larkey
Allison Miller

SOLO Show at John Davis Gallery, May 2012

May 24-June 17, 2012. Solo Show, John Davis Gallery, Carriage House, Hudson, NY

Lineup round 4 From the Gut, with Heart at SUGAR, April 2012

Group show curated by Gwendolyn Skaggs at SUGAR in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.
Erika Keck
Christy Singleton
Alicia McCarthy
Ed Sanders
Mary Addison Hackett
Carla Knopp
Vincent Como
Art Guerra
Nina Meledandri
Jacqueline Skaggs
Becky Kinder
Liv Mette Larsen
David B. Frye

04.21.12 - 06.03.12 *EXTENDED TO JUNE 24th*

REVIEW: "To Live and Paint in LA" @ the Torrance Art Museum, Feb. 2012

"To Live and Paint in LA"
January 21 - March 10, 2012

Curated by Max Presneill and Jason Ramos
A broad survey of current and emerging painting trends and talent from Los Angeles.

Jonathan Apgar
Rebecca Campbell
Daniela Campins
Alika Cooper
Noah Davis,
Tomory Dodge
Asad Faulwell
Jon Flack
Yvette Gellis
Iva Gueorguieva
Mary Addison Hackett
Carlson Hatton
Thomas Whittaker Kidd
Andy Kolar,
Constance Mallinson
Allison Miller
John Mills
Aaron Noble
Antonio Puleo
Alison Rash
Nano Rubio
Conrad Ruiz
John Seal
Ryan Sluggett
Comora Tolliver
Chris Trueman
Miller Updegraff
Grant Vetter
Ben White 

For the last several months the Los Angeles art world’s attention has been captured by the blockbuster Pacific Standard Time exhibitions happening throughout southern California. In the midst of this dominant viewing of the past art of Los Angeles there has been a few brave souls staging exhibitions that sit outside of this particular lens. One of these shows is the quiet survey of current Los Angeles painting that recently opened at the Torrance Art Museum titled To Live and Paint in LA curated by Max Presneill and Jason Ramos.This satisfactory show tucked away in the south bay provides rich conversation for what challenges a painter in Los Angeles may face. When one first enters the main gallery it is apparent that scale is on the majority of these painters minds. L.A. painters are going big, with mixed results. I found myself wondering if this is how you get noticed in the noise of the L.A. art scene these days, go billboard size. Most of these large paintings had interesting parts and would have worked if they had been scaled down to a quarter of their current size. Working on such big canvases is difficult work, and I applaud the effort, but most fell short. The funny thing is, in the heart of all these large canvases, it’s the small paintings that work best.I attended the night of the opening, and while walking through the main gallery fighting the crowd; it was the smallest painting of the show that drew my attention. Mary Addison Hackett’s slight depiction of a figure and a dog stood out among the noise and crowd of opening night because of its tenderness. I went back a week later and still experienced the work in the same way. Hackett’s painting is reminiscent of David Park’s figure work, but with a sunless palette that left me with a sense that her subjects reside in place far away from Los Angeles, possibly giving us a glimpse into the psyche of every Los Angeles based painter, the hope of escape one day. -Chris Hoff



Curated by Luisa Caldwell and Mery Lynn McCorkle

WG News + Art, Brooklyn, NY (May 6 - May 28, 2011)

Claudine Anrather / Dawn Arrowsmith / Luisa Caldwell / Rebecca Graves / Mary Addison Hackett / David Kramer / Cati LaPorte / Norma Markley / Mery Lynn McCorkle / Marilla Palmer / Gary Petersen / Roland Reiss / Greg Stone /

Flowers have a mixed heritage in the arts. On the one hand, they have represented lofty emotions (Shakespeare’s “rosemary is for remembrance”) and sexuality (O’Keefe). On the other, they are pretty, a suitable subject for Sunday watercolorists. They are a perfect metaphor for the half empty/half full debate: it all depends upon one’s viewpoint.

For contemporary artists, both viewpoints tend to be highlighted simultaneously. Flowers in the 21st century have come to represent consumerism, modernism, environmentalism, to reflect our architecture, our psyche, our utopias, allowing the artists to pry a more positive outlook out of misfortune.

The thirteen artists in this May show expose a wide range of interpretations revolving around the word “flower.” Luisa forms flowers with commercial labels. David shows how they are employed as an advertising tool. Cati miniaturizes them into stamps with a contradictory message. Norma creates them out of dance steps. Rebecca uses them to symbolize the transitory nature of life. Gary explodes them into abstraction. Roland embeds them in modernism. Dawn teases them out of the web of LA street maps. Marilla concocts them from mushroom spores. Claudine explores the dissolution of forms. For Mary Addison, they are a juxtaposition of southern decay and play. Mery Lynn fashions them out of glitter. Greg burns them into being.


curated by Chris Acuna-Hanson
October 20 thru November 26 RHC Art Gallery, *
More Than A Feeling Reception and Artist Talk: October 20
RHC Art Gallery, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Mary Addison Hackett
Lester Monzon
Eric Sall
Kevin Wingate