Screening Shack, The Tenderer
hand-sewn felt, sheetrock, fleece, wood, gravel, cord, cinderblock, thrift-store textiles, tarps, cord, monitor, digital media player
[DETAIL] Screening Shack, The Tenderer
Video still. Walden
[Video still.] HD video.
1min 24sec
Video still. The Grand Wash
[Video still.] HD video.
1 min
Video still. The Golden Hammer
[Video still.] HD Video
Life Line, 35.0110° N, 115.4734° W
[Video still.] HD video.
2min 53sec
The Last Tomatoes of Manet
Single Channel Video
RT 00:04:47

The Tenderer


The Tenderer was created for the 2019 Joshua Treenial, an invitational exhibition held at BoxoHouse in Joshua Tree, California. The installation consisted of a series of short experimental films about adapting to life in the desert. The films were presented inside a site-responsive DIY screening hut made of felt, thrift store blankets, tarps and painted sticks. Viewers were invited to sit inside on upholstered tree stumps and watch the program on a monitor.

Program I: The Tenderer

Walden (1:24)

The Grand Wash (1:00)

Life Line, 35.0110° N, 115.4734° W (2:53)

The Golden Hammer (2:00)

Program 2: Anonymous was a Vlog (select episodes)

Blackout (2:30)

Money Diary (2:38)

Lost (2:36)

Infinite Jest (0:36)

Success (2:08)

High Cholesterol (1:36)